almightycaliborn said: Personally I ike the first one in the gif set!!! I dunno something about how the title looks appeals to me uvu

Thanks! That’s what at least two other people said, so good to know it’s the way to go! (That rhymed.)

Help! Which one is better?


Possible title card for Son of Somerset Files. :)


Possible title card for Son of Somerset Files. :)



Man, I don’t know if five people have messaged you yet, but it shire would be cool to see a talk sprite of obi wan kenobi!!!
Beards are weird to draw.

First five people to message (read: inbox) me a character might get to see a talk sprite of the character.


DeQn Sue - Magenta

I (co-)directed and edited this music video for the quite fabulous, very talented and extremely artistic DeQn Sue.

almightycaliborn said to bagelartnstuff:

feferi number fifteen please!!!
feferi number fifteen please!!!

ceruleanpineapple said: do you have a version of the castiel talksprite without the wings/dark background?

Now I do!

But, tbqh, this is just an edit and reallllllly needs to be updated.

Anonymous said: heyyyyy do you have any more horoscope things

Well, that was actually from Welcome to Night Vale, so unless there are more on Welcome to Night Vale…nope! :o

Mostly do talk sprites and other stuff. Draw Homestuck, Collingwood, Doctor Who, OCs.

Some of these are edits (most of my older stuff and the canon characters) so ORIGINAL BASE CREDITS (probably Feastings and Xamag and Chazzerpan, idk the others?)

Of course all characters belong to their respective owners (Hussie, etc).

Every sprite is free to use, but please credit me for my edit/original work!

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