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!!! could you do a fire themed fairy??
!!! could you do a fire themed fairy??



Snazzy fairy

Snazzy fairy

Happy 413!

Quick talk sprite commission question

Do you prefer me having a set of emotions in the packages, or should I leave it up to the commissioner?

Commissioned talk sprite set for violetrose117: Part 2

Part 1

Commission Info

Commissioned talk sprite set for violetrose117: Part 1

Part 2

Commission Info

Trying to do game pixels


About Me


My name is Elizabeth. I’m 23 years old. I live in Alabama. I graduated from a small school with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Film Studies.

I’m a director, a screenwriter, and editor (FCP X is the bomb).

But I’m also a Whovian. A Trekkie. A Fannibal. A Homestuck. A Marvel fan.

I operate under the delusion that I’m good at many things, and sometimes something good comes out of my work.

So let’s chat.

Mostly do talk sprites and other stuff. Draw Homestuck, Collingwood, Doctor Who, OCs.

Some of these are edits (most of my older stuff and the canon characters) so ORIGINAL BASE CREDITS (probably Feastings and Xamag and Chazzerpan, idk the others?)

Of course all characters belong to their respective owners (Hussie, etc).

Every sprite is free to use, but please credit me for my edit/original work!

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Christmas-Themed Sprite Edits

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